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2017 Men U23 Tournament

2017 U23 Cup

The Region will hold a tournament for men U-23 teams the weekend of 16 to 18 June at the Ukrainian American Sport Center in Horsham, Pennsylvania. While it is expected for many of the teams to come from Region I members, the tournament is open to other USASA affiliated teams from other State Associations.

The tournament will consist of no more than 16 teams. Group play will start on either Friday, 16 June or Saturday, 17 June. The schedule is dependent upon the number of entries. The final will be played on Sunday, 18 June. 

Players born on or after 1 January 1994 are eligible for U23 registration.

Teams and players must be registered through their respective state association or USASA affiliated league. Youth player registration is not accepted. All youth players must be registered with USASA.

The entry fee is $350. 


The tournament rules linked above are from the 2016 tournament. The rules are subject to change dependent upon the number of entries and format used for the 2017 tournament. Changes will be minor (for instance, game length). Once the rules are confirmed, an updated version will be posted. Do look at these rules for an idea of the tournament format.