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2019 Region I Cup Season

The 2019 Region I cup qualifiers are around the corner. We kick off with a first round match in the Amateur Cup on 7 April and conclude with the finals at the Ukrainian American Sports Center in Horsham, Pennsylvania the weekend of 15 & 16 June.

We had more than 140 teams compete at various levels among 10 of our State Associations to reach the Regional rounds. Our Region winners will move on to national finals.

Schedule & Locations

2019 Amateur Cup
Fritz Marth Trophy

Amateur Championship 

  • Newtown Pride FC (CT)
  • Cedar Stars Academy (ENY)
  • Philadelphia Lone Star FC (EPA)
  • Christos FC (MD)
  • Mosteiros FM (MA)
  • The Benchwarmers (MDCVA)
  • Jackson Lions FC (NJ)
  • Steel FC (PAW)
  • BSC Raiders (WNY)

2019 Werner Fricker Cup
Open Championship

  • HNK Connecticut Croatia (CT)
  • Lansdowne Yonkers FC (ENY)
  • Philadelphia Lone Star FC (EPA)
  • Yinz United (MD) 
  • Brockton United FC (MA)
  • FC Motown (NJ)
  • BSC Raiders (WNY)
  • Real VSA (WV) 

2019 Gerhard Mengel Cup
Over-30 Championship

  • North Branford SC (CT)
  • Pancyprian Freedom O30 (ENY)
  • Phoenix Sport Club - Over 30s (EPA)
  • Maryland Bays (MD)
  • Warehouse Gunners (MA)
  • Polonia Wallington SC (NJ)

2019 Over-40 Cup
Over-40 Championship

  • Connecticut
  • Eastern New York
  • Eastern Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Jackson Lions FC (NJ)